Periodised training programme, with 1-2-1 PT sessions, nutrition guidelines, regular check-ins and full support.

Online Training

Fully bespoke periodised training and nutrition programme with weekly check-ins, technique feedback and full support online.

Nutrition Only

Nutrition programming with weekly check-ins and full support including regular adjustments to suit your needs.


I highly recommend Sian Cunningham who has trained me throughout my pregnancy with my third baby right up to 37 weeks. It has kept me feeling strong and really helped my body manage the bump growing along with my body's recovery following birth. Definitely suggest giving it a go the benefits are great!

Liz Crawley

I’ve been training with Sian since the beginning of this year (2018) - our workouts are probably a bit different as she’s agreed to train us (a group of mums) whilst the little ones run riot! Sometimes she’s helping to dress Barbie’s whilst training us... sometimes she’s watching ‘princesses’ doing press ups! & she’s also very good at cuddling crying babies while mummy pumps some iron! Sian is patient, fun, adaptable, professional & we’ve all felt a massive benefit from our weekly workouts. We’re also hopefully inspiring the next generation as they watch their mummy’s feeling fit, healthy & strong. I can’t recommend Sian enough - she’s brilliant. 5 stars!

Ashley van den Ouden

Yoga Teacher

"I’ve absolutely loved working with Sian. Sian has given me her expert guidance, handy tools and tips, meal plans and constant support and encouragement every step of the way so that I can manage my nutrition to compliment my exercise. Importantly for me, Sian has taught me to flex my diet in a healthy and sustainable way to accommodate a busy social life whilst still maintaining results in terms of weight loss."

Ashleigh O'Callaghan

Manager, Velindre

"I cannot recommend Sian highly enough. I attend her Bootcamp in Dinas Powys each week and have had PT sessions with her at the gym, all of which have been so enjoyable. I walk away feeling so good about myself, although shattered! I am not a natural exerciser and in fact I'm the sort of person that will try new ways of exercising and then stop after a while. This hasn't happened with Sian's sessions. I love attending as they are fun to be a part of and have become a part of my social life as well. Everyone who goes is so friendly and at various stages of fitness so you always feel welcome. Sian has a lovely calm coaching style that encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to do so much more than you ever thing you can".

Jael Jones

Wellbeing Officer, Sixth Form College

“I started training with Sian via her online coaching service after getting myself into a bit of a rut with fitness and nutrition following hip surgery. I had gained a fair amount of weight and my fitness levels were the lowest they’d been in years. Sian really took the time to listen to what I wanted and helped me to make achievable and meaningful goals. She took into account my injury history and took the time to research exercises that would be beneficial for me in continuing my rehabilitation. She also took into account the fact that I live a very busy lifestyle, and gave me workouts that fit around my other commitments. In the first 3 months of training with Sian I lost nearly 4kg and a total of 21cm off my body measurements! I regained a lot of my strength, and my injured hip continues to feel stronger with every session. More importantly, I feel like myself again! Even on the days where I struggle to stick to my goals, Sian is always understanding and supportive. I’m really excited to keep going and see how far we can progress!”

Cara Childs

PhD Student

"Due to the workloads of a growing business, I found myself constantly tired and distracted. I decided I needed to exercise a lot more, hoping that increased energy levels and generally feeling better would help me, and my business. Sian has been a great trainer, and is now an integral part of my working week. She listened to what I needed, kept the training interesting, and as time went on, she upped the targets, that worked for me as I became stronger, there was actually the desire to want to push myself harder. It says something when the easy option would be to cancel sessions etc, but I found myself making sure I didn’t miss them because I knew what the benefits would be. Thanks to Sian, training has become a part of my life and not something I dread".

Tim Corrigan

CEO, Milk&Sugar